Waiverable Traffic Violations

Many traffic violations can be paid without a required court appearance. These are called “waiverable” citations.

If your citation is waiverable and you choose to “waive” your right to appear before a judge, you will need to pay it on or before your court date. A list of the most commonly cited waiverable violations is included in this section, along with the costs/fines you can expect to pay.

As you calculate your amount due, please be aware:
  • If you have had a prior moving violation within the State of Ohio in the past 12 months, add an additional $50 charge to the amounts listed below.
  • If you are cited for two or more violations, please contact the Kettering Municipal Court Clerk's office to determine your total costs and fines owed at 937-296-2461.

1-10 miles per hour over the posted limit
11-15 miles per hour over
16-20 miles per hour over $170
21-25 miles per hour over $195
26-30 miles per hour over $215
31-35 miles per hour over $235
36 or more miles per hour over Mandatory Court Appearance

Assured Clear Distance $160
Child Restraint $150
Closed Road
Driving Under Suspension (Unclassified Only) $275
Expired Operator's License (OL) MM $135
Fail to Control/Weaving $160
Fail to Yield $200
Improper Backing/Starting $135
Improper Passing $135
Improper Turn Signals or Stop Signals $135
Improper/Expired Registration $135
Left of Center $160
Littering from a Motor Vehicle $175
Motor Vehicle/Cycle Light Violations $135
Muffler, Smoke, Gas, Noise $135
No OL/Motorcycle Endorsement (Unclassified Only) $275
Right of Way/Left Turn $200
Seat Belt Driver $135
Seat Belt Passenger $125
Shortcutting/Private Property $135
Speed for Road Conditions $160
Squealing Tires/Horn Blowing $160
Stop Sign, Red Light, Yield Sign 


Tinted Windows  $160
Traffic Control Device   $200
Unsafe Vehicle   $135
Most Other Minor Misdemeanor/Traffic   $135
Bus Stops & Taxicab Stands $60
Fire Lane Parking


Handicapped Parking - City $275
Handicapped Parking - State $275
Parking of Commercial Vehicles $60
Truck Loading Zones $60
All Other Parking Violations


Please note: This cost schedule applies to all traffic violations within the jurisdiction of this court, with the exception of the City of Moraine where any bail schedule posted by the Mayor’s Court for the City of Moraine shall apply.