Waiverable Criminal Violations

Below are the most frequently cited criminal violations which do not require a court appearance, but can be paid at the Clerk of Court’s Office.

If you do not see your violation listed, please contact the Clerk of Court’s Office for more information—937-296-2461:
Animals at Large $150
Barking Dogs
County Quarantine $160
Disorderly Conduct MM (ORC/Centerville) $225
Hunting & Fishing W/O License $135
In Park after Hours MM $135
Littering $185
No Dog License $150
No Kennel Registration
Open Container in Park $170
Open Container in Motor Vehicle $225
Operate Ice Cream Truck W/O Permit $185
Public Intoxication MM (ORC/Centerville) $225

Regulation of Peddlers (First Offense) $175
Sale of Explosives to Minors $500
Sale of Fireworks $500
Trimming of Trees, Removal of Weeds $135
Water Areas MM (Dept of Wildlife) $135
All Other Minor Misdemeanor (MM) Criminal $225

Please note: This cost schedule applies to all criminal violations within the jurisdiction of this court, with the exception of the City of Moraine where any bail schedule posted by the Mayor’s Court for the City of Moraine shall apply.