If you are found guilty of a traffic or criminal misdemeanor, and part of your sentence includes probation, you will be assigned to a specific Probation Officer in Kettering Municipal Court’s Probation Department.

Supervised Probation

Your probation sentence may be for Supervised Probation—which means you will be scheduled to report to your Probation Officer on a regular basis to monitor your compliance with the terms of probation set by the Judge, as well as any restitution, fines or court costs you may owe. It is important that you report for your scheduled appointments. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please call your Probation Officer before your appointment date and time. If you fail to appear for Probation, you will be assessed a $25 fee and will be sent a letter advising you that you must appear at the Probation Office within three days of receiving the letter. If you fail to appear, a bench warrant for your arrest may be issued. The court fee for Supervised Probation is $150.

Unsupervised Probation

If you are sentenced to Unsupervised Probation, you will be responsible to self-monitor your own behavior and avoid any further violations of the law. The Judge may also set other terms for your Unsupervised Probation such as attending counseling or treatment programs, or receiving assessments. If you violate or fail to comply with the terms of your Unsupervised Probation, you will have to appear before the Judge. If you fail to make this appearance, your Unsupervised Probation may be revoked and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. The court fee for Unsupervised Probation is $50.

In addition to coordinating probation sentences, our Probation Officers also conduct pre-sentence investigations, track compliance with Court-ordered assessments and reports, coordinate the Court’s Traffic Safety Program and initiate legal actions related to probation violations as needed.

Contact Information

For more information, you can contact your Probation Officer through the Court’s Probation Department at: 937-296-2533.