Make a Payment Online

To use our ONLINE PAYMENT service, follow these quick steps:

  1. Read the final authorization agreement (on next page) and click the “I AGREE/PAY ONLINE” button. This will take you to our Court Case Lookup screen.

  2. Search for your case(s) by your name, date of birth, ticket or case number. Please verify that you have the correct case before you proceed with payment.

  3. Click the Make Payment button to determine your total amount due and enter your credit card information

  4. Be sure to print and retain the payment confirmation screen for your records. If you provide an email address during the payment process, a receipt will be emailed to you once payment is approved by the bank.

  5. If you have multiple cases, you will need to pay each separately. (Call the Clerk’s Office at 937-296-2461 if you need assistance or want to combine payments.)

  6. Your payment(s) will be applied to your case upon review by the Clerk’s Office. Please allow up to two business days for payments to show on your case. All fines and costs are subject to a final audit.
Be Sure to Show Proof of Insurance
Ohio law requires you to provide proof that the vehicle you were driving on the date of your offense is insured. If your ticket does not have a YES marked that Proof of Financial Responsibility was shown, you will need to provide this within three business days of paying your ticket to avoid having your license suspended by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. 
Find out more about how to show proof of insurance.

Please note: If you have other court appearances or requirements associated with your case, you must complete those requirements prior to your case being finished with this Court.

If you have a block or suspension on your license, you can obtain a release at the Clerk’s Office once payment has been processed and your case is finished.  You can take the release to one of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ regional offices, along with any costs owed to them, to speed the removal of the block or suspension from your license.

For more information, contact the Clerk’s Office at 937-296-2461.
Thank you for using our Online Payment service!