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How do I show proof of insurance (financial responsibility)?

Ohio law requires all license holders to carry insurance on the vehicles they drive—and requires the Clerk’s Office to report the status of your insurance when you are cited. If you do not submit the required proof, your driver's license will be suspended by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and you may be subject to additional fees and insurance sanctions. 

Please check the area on your citation that says “Financial Responsibility Proof Shown.” Make sure the “Y” box is checked. If you did not show proof when you were cited or if the officer did not mark “Y” to indicate you showed proof of insurance, please bring in, mail or fax your proof of insurance to the Clerk of Court’s Office. Please write your ticket number or court case number on the proof when you send it in. If you do not have access to a fax machine, ask your insurance agent to fax in the proof and then call the Clerk's Office to make sure we received it.

A copy of your insurance card showing that your insurance was in effect on the date and time you received your citation and the name of your insurance company, or a statement from your insurance company with this information is what you will need to provide as proof that you were insured on the date of your violation.

This proof must be received within three business days after your case is heard or your ticket is paid. If we do not receive your proof of insurance in this time frame, we will be required to send a “no insurance” status to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)—which could result in a license suspension under Ohio law by the BMV.

It is your responsibility to make sure we receive your proof of insurance showing that you had insurance at the time of your citation.  Please check online (Search Public Records) to verify that we have received it when mailing or faxing the proof in.  You may also call our office.

Mail your proof of insurance to the Clerk’s Office at:

Kettering Municipal Court Clerk’s Office
2325 Wilmington Pike
Kettering, OH 45420

Fax your proof of insurance to the Clerk’s Office at:


When faxing, please call our office at 937-296-2461 to make sure your proof was received.

Email your proof of insurance to the Clerk's Office at:

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