Sealing of the Record

Ohio law allows first-time offenders to apply to have most criminal misdemeanor and some felony convictions expunged from their record. Expungement is a legal process that, if granted by a judge, will seal conviction record—in other words, it is erased in the eyes of the law and is not publicly available. You can apply to have your record sealed whether you are found guilty or not guilty, if your case is dismissed or if you have a bail forfeiture on your record.

There are several exceptions to this law, which are outlined in detail in the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2953. Violent crimes and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs are two of the categories of convictions that cannot be expunged from your record.

To request an expungement, you must provide an application for expungement and correctly file it in the Clerk’s Office along with a $100 application fee. Once paperwork is processed, a pre-hearing interview with the Probation Department and a hearing before a Judge will be held prior to a decision being made on your expungement request. If the expungement is granted, the legal record of your offense will be erased. For more information or to help you through the expungement process, you can consult with an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project at 937-461-3857 may be able to help you.