All costs for Civil and Small Claims filings must be paid at the time of filing. We accept payment by cash, credit card (Mastercard and Visa), money order, certified check, personal or business check.

Civil Cost Schedule:  Effective 3/21/19

Civil Complaint $135.00
Each Additional Defendant
Civil Complaint - Forcible Entry & Detainer
Each Additional Defendant
Counterclaim/Crossclaim with Summons
Amended Complaint/Third Party Complaint with Summons
Each Additional Defendant to be served
BMV Appeal - Implied Consent, 12-Point, FRA, All Other
Appeal of Dog Designation $135.00
Certificate of Judgment Filing - From Another Court
Small Claims Complaint
Each Additional Defendant
Transfer to Regular Civil Docket
Praecipe for Subpoena (For each witness subpoenaed. Plus separate $6.00 payment to each witness. Check or money order only.)  
Order in Aid Proceedings: Debtor's Examination - plus Bailiff service fees $35.00
Bank Garnishments (Plus $1.00 to Garnishee) $45.00
Wage Garnishments
Citation in Contempt Praecipe - plus Bailiff service fees
Certificate of Judgment / to Issue
Execution against Chattels (Plus Levy Deposit)
Order of Sale
Writ of Restitution
Jury Demand (Additional deposit may be Required)
Levy of Execution on Business or Personal Property
Levy of Execution on Mobile Home
Personal or Residential Service by Sheriff (Additional deposit may be required)
Motion to Change Real Party in Interest
Motion to Modify or Revive Judgment $25.00
Motion to Set Aside Judgment or for Relief from Judgment
Alias Summons - Each Person, Includes Service by Certified Mail $15.00
Alias Summons to Revive Judgment - Each Defendant, Includes Service by Certified Mail
Certified Mail Service  $15.00
Ordinary Mail - With Certificate of Mailing  $5.00
Personal or Residential Service by Bailiff - Each Person  $25.00
Service on Secretary of State or by Publication - Plus $5 check payable to Ohio Secretary of State  $25.00
  Each Additional Defendant - Plus $5 check payable to Ohio Secretary of State 


Service by Commercial Carrier (FedEx, etc.)


Exemplified Copy of Judgment  $15.00
Certified Copy  $3.00
Copies - Per Page  $ .05
Checks - Returned for Non-sufficient Funds  $25.00
Bench Warrant  $40.00
Notice of Appeal Local Cost - Payable to Kettering Municipal Court


2nd District Court of Appeals Cost - Check Payable to Montgomery County Clerk of Court $100.00
Driving Permit Modification


Credit Card Transaction Fee