Costs & Fines

Can I Pay My Ticket without a Court Appearance?

Many traffic and criminal citations (also known as tickets) are payable in the Clerk’s Office and do not require a court appearance in front of the judge. These are called “waiverable” citations. You can choose to appear before the judge on your court date for these citations. Or, you can choose to waive your right to a hearing in court, plead guilty and pay your costs and fines for these citations in the Clerk’s Office. Waiverable citations must be taken care of on or before your court date. Your court date is listed near the bottom of your citation.

Follow the links below to view the most commonly issued traffic and criminal waiverable citations and their cost/fine amounts: 

Waiverable Traffic Violations

Waiverable Criminal Violations

Non-Waiverable Offenses

If your offense is “non-waiverable,” you are required to appear before the judge on the court date and time listed on your citation. If you are unsure whether you need to appear before the judge, please call the Clerk of Court’s Office at 937-296-2461.   

View a List of Non-Waiverable Offenses.

Learn more about your court appearance.

Please Take Care of Your Citation On Time 

Please be aware that if you do not pay your waiverable offense or appear before the judge as required by your court date, your driver’s license may be suspended or forfeited and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. In addition, your case may be referred to a collection agency. All of these will result in additional costs to you.

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